Hello. I’m Lester Westfall. Father of two, husband of one. I love Adobe Creative Cloud apps, BBQ, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; oh, and I design stuff. A lifelong artist both self-taught and classically trained, the arts have always been a consistent element of who I am as a person. I received my Associates of Applied Sciences in Graphic Arts in 2006 from Robert Morris College and began my freelancing career around the same time. I went back and completed my Bachelors of Applied Sciences in Graphic Arts with Concentration in Graphic Design in 2011. 

Raised in Springfield, Illinois under the shadow of Honest Abe. With the spirit of old Route 66 running through the backyard and the smells of the Illinois State Fair in the air, I had plenty of visual fodder growing up to help form an adoration of clean, classic advertising meant to catch people coming, going, and passing through. A healthy dose of counterculture in the underground art and music scenes during my formative years helped develop a deep appreciation for the wild and weird. Art school helped me package all those influences together into skill sets that provide creative solutions for creative needs. With over 10 years of experience building upon those skill sets has afforded me ability to be comfortable in any style of design; traditional to extreme, classical to fantastical, and every aesthetic metric in-between.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to impactful design. From classic national advertising and branding and the utilitarian logos of blue collar industries, my attraction to visual communication remains as some of my earliest memories and inspirations. When I design now as a professional, I do so in hopes that something I create makes a similar impact on future creatives.
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